Beach Carpark

It was a really hot day here in UK today and so we headed for the coast. Unfortunately every other person in the country also headed for the coast. On Ainsdale Beach near Southport there’s usually a handful of cars. Today there were hundreds as you can see by the photos. It’s a massive beach so there was still plenty of room but you had to be careful when going for an icecream not to step into the path of an oncoming  Nissan Qashqai. Some of the cars were getting stuck in the sand too and groups of men with no shirts on and moobs the colour of Vimto could be seen heaving against Mondeos to try to get them moving. Funny though there was actually a really nice relaxed and friendly feeling there with no sign of any road rage.


Cat on the Mat

The cat who lives across the road tried to charm her way into our house tonight. She was very plausible to start with but I noticed that she had brought two small suitcases with her. Soon afterwards she was sitting in the living room with her feet up on the coffee table, flicking through the Radio Times. Nothing would shift her. In the end we had to put Dogs Do The Funniest Things on TV before she’d leave. And three packets of fish fingers were missing from the freezer.

Night Terrors

Here is Alice doing her Bionic Woman impression near our house. She’s almost     three and so loves having her photo taken. My other equally gorgeous daughter Hannah is fourteen and prefers me not to post photos of her  in case it   jeopardises her cool (its hard being a teen!). Alice is an angel in so  many ways (and a little devil in a few other ways).

She has suffered with something called night terrors which involves her sitting up in bed, screaming and seeming really distressed but not actually waking up. In the morning she never remembers a thing about it but its pretty devastating for parents, I can tell you. It seems to be reducing in frequency and severity now so that’s good.


Just got back from a few days in Wales. The pics are of where we were staying; a caravan site in Portmadog. Its very close to Portmeirion where they shot The Prisoner but am really frustrated because we were so busy we didn’t get chance to go there!! Little Alice (age nearly 3) loved playing outside the caravan and made friends with Sam, Henry, Oscar, a 10-year-old Doctor Who (with a proper sonic screwdriver that actually did sound effects!) and a 4-year-oldBatman (who Alice insisted on calling Blackman).

The Ravages of Time

These two photos are of the same man. Richard O’Sullivan was once a major star of British television. He was seen as funny, charismatic and talented. Now the worst thing that can happen to anyone has happened to him. He has come to look like my dad. Of course, for all we know he may well still be funny, charismatic and talented but we wouldn’t know because he’s no longer on screen. He’s been shelved as part of the same culture that dictates that Doctor Who has got to look like he’s nine years old. When that character first appeared in the early Sixties he looked more like ninety than nine! And we’re painting ourselves into a corner because we’re all headed down the same path of old age (all except Paul McCartney obviously). Am I going to get the boot from my job when I lose my hair and start wearing tracksuit bottoms with shoes? (they are exceptionally comfortable, you know!).I suppose what I’m saying is lets have Richard O’Sullivan for the next Doctor Who. Or if he’s too busy buying Sterident to take the role…. my dad’s available.

I wait until its dark before I go running

Took this photo when I was out running the other night. I wait until its this dark before I go running to avoid people seeing me turning to a deep crimson colour and gasping for breath like goldfish lying on a patio. Trouble is, its so dark that its scary and, with every rustle from the bushes, I jump several feet in the air and shout “yeeearrrroghhh!” Why is exercise so hard? Some people get addicted to it apparently. Surely you get addicted things that are pleasant like alcohol or lying down.