'Chillaxin' in the garden

Summer starts here! Making the most of it because it ends tomorrow. This is Britain.


8 thoughts on “Summer!

  1. Yes I’m from Britain. I live in the North West of England. I’m close to a couple of cities you may have heard of; Manchester and Liverpool. London is a couple of hours away from me by train. They’re all beautiful cities in their own way. The weather, however, sucks. Where are you from?


  2. yeah, of course i’ve heard of manchester and liverpool. :^)
    okay, don’t get this wrong but i love the british weather. everyone thinks i’m crazy because of that. haha.
    i live in vienna.


    1. Yeah I guess its not so bad really. We don’t get any extremes like tornados or stuff like that. Its just a bit grey. Are you on Twitter or Facebook? Be nice to hear regularly from Vienna. Vienna must be a completely gorgeous place to live.


      1. yeah, i am on twitter. @linawrites
        that’s exactly what i love about the british weather. no extremes. because in vienna it gets very hot in summer and very cold in winter. i’m more a fan of spring and autumn.
        yes, vienna is a nice place to live but it’s really small compared to london. i’d rather live in a bigger city because after 25 years of living here it feels like there’s nothing more to explore for me. :^(


    1. yeah, i’m planning to move to london before i am 30! so i have 5 years left!
      i’m want to move there before i have family. i think it’s easier without kids.
      hmmm… the best thing about vienna??? tough question.
      i think, i like the parks in spring and summer. it’s really nice to sit there and relax. vienna also has these old-fashioned coffee houses. well, old-fashioned is probably the wrong word… tradtional, typical austrian coffee houses. they’re definitely worth a visit.
      and if you’re interested in culture and art, vienna has lots of museum and galleries.
      the first district is really pretty.
      also mariahilferstrasse and kärntnerstrasse which are shopping streets.


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